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  • DIY: How to Make 6-Pointed Paper Snowflakes

    Chemistx2, I did that with my first few snowflakes until I learned how to get the right fold by eyeballing it.

    For a more permanent snowflake, glue your paper snowflake to a piece of dark construction paper and make a copy. Boom. You now have a scroll saw pattern. I like to cut them out of 3 mm (1/8") Baltic birch plywood and stack cut four or five at a time. You can paint them and/or apply glitter, but I like to leave them as natural color wood with a clear finish. They make great Christmas tree ornaments.

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  • Cost Effective Plastic-tub Wicking Beds

    A more expensive, but more attractive alternative would be to make a wooden box and set the planter down into it. The problem with plastic outdoors is ultra violet light Which breaks down the plastic and makes it brittle. shield the plastic from uv rays and the plastic will last much longer.

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  • EmmitS commented on elewis03's instructable How to Make Comic Book Shoes10 months ago
    How to Make Comic Book Shoes

    If your comics are collectible, you can make photocopies.

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  • Stun Your Friends With These Handmade Harry Potter Wands!

    Yes, it very much depends on what kind of oil you use. you want to use an oil, like linseed, poppy, tung, soybean, or safflower, that polymerizes. These oils oxidize to form a hard, waterproof film that seals and protects the wood. No shellac or varnish is needed over a good oil finish. The most common oil finish is a mixture of three parts linseed oil to one part of mineral spirits. This is what I would use on a wand. apply a generous coat, wait at least a half hour for the oil to penetrate into the fibers of the wood, then wipe off the excess until the surface of the wood feels dry to the touch. Repeat every day for a week. The old timers used to say, " once a day for a week, once a week for a month, once a month for a year, and once a year for ever."

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  • SunCalc: How much sunlight is my plant getting? A Sun light Calculator for plants

    glass always did block UV. Now they have acrylic that does it too.

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  • EmmitS commented on Maverick14's instructable DIY USB Altoids Speaker. (Super Easy)1 year ago
    DIY USB Altoids Speaker. (Super Easy)

    Great build. Another challenge would be to turn two Altoids boxes into a pair of earphones.

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  • Quick and easy book safe/geocache container

    A lock would be a dead giveaway. The whole idea of a book safe is that even though a burglar may suspect a book safe, he doesn't know which book holds the safe. If one of the books has a lock or keyhole showing, he'll know to go right to that book, tuck it into his bag and open it at his leisure when he gets home. What you might do is to get a small locking container that will fit inside the pocket of the book, but even then, all a burglar has to do is stick the entire container in his bag and open it later.

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  • EmmitS commented on Nick70587's instructable Home Defense Mace1 year ago
    Home Defense Mace

    This might be ornamental, but it's still a formidable weapon. Even if the points broke off, you would still be left with a large wooden ball on the end of a thick handle. You could easily crush someone's skull with that. If I were a burglar and some homeowner came after me with that thing, I would certainly clear out. Remember that most burglars don't carry firearms.

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  • EmmitS commented on kludge77's instructable Gummy Bear Axe1 year ago
    Gummy Bear Axe

    Not really. This way, if you really wanted to use the axe sometime, you could just knock out the candy/resin handle and replace it with a good wooden one.

    Even if the handle were pure resin, it would still be too brittle for actual use. It would be only ornamental. I agree from an ornamental view, it would be better to cast the gummy bears in resin rather using the candy.

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  • How To Cleanly Remove Blackheads Painlessly!

    The basic idea is to remove the dirt and oil that is clogging the pore (or follicle). My third grade Health book recommended a cotton pad soaked in rubbing alcohol. My family doctor recommended a medicated face soap. Whatever you use, daily treatment is needed until changes in your body chemistry make the problem go away.

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  • EmmitS commented on bekathwia's instructable Candle Jar Wax Removal1 year ago
    Candle Jar Wax Removal

    first, the wax might overheat and catch fire. second, it will still leave a layer of wax in the jar.

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  • EmmitS commented on SpecificLove's instructable 8 Life Hacks With Steel Wool1 year ago
    8 Life Hacks With Steel Wool

    The best thing to do with steel wool is to leave it on the store shelf. There is no use for steel wool that can't be done more efficiently by some other product.

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  • EmmitS commented on Muhaiminah Faiz's instructable DIY Cup Garden1 year ago
    DIY Cup Garden

    That's not a fern. It looks like thyme, which is a fine leaved herb that likes hot dry conditions.

    Once you have a drainage hole drilled, just water like any other pot. Don't put any cactus or succulent plant in a pot with no drainage hole. Don't forget to fertilize during the summer months. Cacti love tomato fertilizer. Keep your plants cool and don't water more than once a month during the winter.

    I use second hand cups and mugs from the Salvation Army or Goodwill stores for cactus plants all the time. Drilling holes is easy. You can get diamond drills cheap on EBay. turn the cup upside down and fill the depression in the bottom of the cup with water, then drill with a regular drill press. I use regular cactus soil. There is no need to put pebbles in the bottom of the pot if you have a drainage hole drilled. Just put a piece of paper towel over the hole to prevent the soil from washing out.

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  • EmmitS commented on mikeasaurus's instructable 11 unusual uses for straws1 year ago
    11 unusual uses for straws

    The musical? instrument in the video is actually a straw clarinet, a reed instrument. You make a straw flute by simply blowing across the open end of the straw You can make a pan flute by cutting several straws to different lengths and fastening them together. The sound of a straw flute is very high pitched and not very loud.

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  • Stun Your Friends With These Handmade Harry Potter Wands!

    People have been carving these woods with steel hand tools for thousands of years. It is harder to cut, but far from impossible, and the harder wood is capable of much more detailed carving.

    I have a rolling pin that I have been applying cooking oil to for the last 29 years and it hasn't gone rancid yet. You apply a liberal coating, wait about five minutes and wipe off the excess, leaving the surface dry to the touch. Just the same way you would apply linseed oil.

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  • Stun Your Friends With These Handmade Harry Potter Wands!

    There is a hardware store in my area who stocks 3/4 inch dowels in maple, cherry, and walnut. I've also seen them online. They would be perfect for a project like this.

    Ordinary cooking oil would be better than mineral oil. You could also use Linseed oil, Danish oil, or Tung oil.

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