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  • Controlling a Raspberry Pi RC Car With a Keyboard

    you would have to change the code at the beginning where its says "pin = (a pin)" at the beginning to match the pi 3. if you search google images you should be able to find a schematic of both GPIO pinouts online, and compare the model b pins mentioned in the code with the corresponding pins on the pi 3.

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  • Enomaly commented on sat481's instructable Raspberry Pi remote webcam11 months ago
    Raspberry Pi remote webcam

    sorry, didnt realize u got answered...

    I think motion is crashing right after it starts- mabe something in your config doesn't match the webcam, like the resolution (called width and height).I have a Logitech c310 and I know it does work also maybe try reinstalling motion after an "apt-get update"

    maybe motion is crashing. try reinstalling after apt-get update and going through the config file to see if there are any incompatible settings. also, make sure you have an adequate power supply (2 amp instead of 1 is probably better)I could be totlally wrong I am in no way an expert at this so I may be wrong

    i believe its now under a different name. try searching for just local host or just scrolling till you find it. I may be wrong but I think its just called stream_localhost

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