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  • Neatly Wrap Cords Without Ties or Tangles

    let me explain: easy; you could instead use one of the types of ties commonly found on the outside of a bread package (I'm assuming a zip tie)

    And the other one made perfect sense. only problem was a typo. form should be from. This user provided a link to a youtube video depicting another not tying method. i disagree sir - very on topic. although it was hard to tell what those ppl were trying to say.

    Thank you, you have enlightened us all. seriously. you just helped me alot. HAIL TO THE ONE WHO CAN TIE CORDS!!!!!

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  • Controlling a Raspberry Pi RC Car With a Keyboard

    you would have to change the code at the beginning where its says "pin = (a pin)" at the beginning to match the pi 3. if you search google images you should be able to find a schematic of both GPIO pinouts online, and compare the model b pins mentioned in the code with the corresponding pins on the pi 3.

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  • Enomaly commented on sat481's instructable Raspberry Pi remote webcam1 year ago
    Raspberry Pi remote webcam

    sorry, didnt realize u got answered...

    I think motion is crashing right after it starts- mabe something in your config doesn't match the webcam, like the resolution (called width and height).I have a Logitech c310 and I know it does work also maybe try reinstalling motion after an "apt-get update"

    maybe motion is crashing. try reinstalling after apt-get update and going through the config file to see if there are any incompatible settings. also, make sure you have an adequate power supply (2 amp instead of 1 is probably better)I could be totlally wrong I am in no way an expert at this so I may be wrong

    i believe its now under a different name. try searching for just local host or just scrolling till you find it. I may be wrong but I think its just called stream_localhost

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