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Nov. 1, 2015
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  • Epicuros commented on More Cowbell's instructable Easy Generator to Home Hook Up3 months ago
    Easy Generator to Home Hook Up

    I installed the wiring and a proper master switch while the house was still under construction. I have housed the gen under the entrance porch and closed the space with galvanized (and painted) steel plate partition that includes a double door. The maiin point is the three-position master switch: "up" for the power company supply, "middle" for off and "down" for the generator. In case of power outage I start the gen and then switch the master to the lower position. Even under load I never had any problems. To make sure I know when grid power is back I have installed a buzer through a relay. The relay is powered by the grid voltage and the buzer by the generator, so It needs both sources to be present, to start ringing. Of course electrical parts and regulations are a little different in Europe, but, basically, my setup is safe and convenient.

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  • Build a World's Smallest Electronic Shocker!

    The kid is really a future genious engineer! I wish I were as talented when I was his age. Actually ham radio has been a forerunner of internet. Best 73s to all hams...de SV1BA

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