• Controling a solenoid valve with an Arduino

    I'll keep searching - if you find it please let me know - very interested.

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  • Building a Web Enabled Door Lock using Rest API and Raspberry PI

    I have a project this would be useful on. Looking for ideas on how to use internet connected (wifi) pi and electronic door locks to be normally open (no power) but locked otherwise. The ideas is to be able to lock our storm shelter doors but if sent a command to open, or a button is pressed on the door for 10 seconds, an alarm will sound and the door will unlock - also activating our pi camera and sending notifications via email or ftp. I am the owner of a small mobile home park with very low income residents and I am now providing them free wifi - we are upgrading a lot of things but are on a tight budget. I thought this would be a good start to my project goals and that I might find some willing helpers to help me figure out what hardware I might need or give me some better ideas. I am not new to tech - I am a former US Navy ET and program a lot - just new to the Pi and Arduino world. A neat update to this idea would be to have the pi monitor weather undergound API for forecasts and national weather center watches and warnings in the area and to automatically unlock the doors or activate some sort of warning system (lights, email list to message residents of alerts in the area.. things like that). If any of you might like to help with this please let me know. I will be playing with this instructable tonight.

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