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    Raspberry Pi WEMO Control Center

    Thank you for this tutorial. This made for fun Sunday afternoon project. Some notes:1) setting up Apache was a sticky wicket. Ended up piecing together various web sources to solve the issues. For me, the final trick was running these two pieces from https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/h...(note: thought the link above speaks of Python 3, I'm still using 2.7.9)<quote from external site>--Finally, we must register Python with Apache. To start, we disable multithreading processes.sudo a2dismod mpm_event--Then, we give Apache explicit permission to run scripts.sudo a2enmod mpm_prefork cgi</quote from external site>2) Step 3 above calls for command "sudo python-pip install peewee". I had to use "sudo pip install peewee".3) I had to relocate the images to an explicit image folder outside the project.4) One piece for improvement...after clicking on a device to change its state, the HTML has an autoload which continually loads that device to that state. So if I turn a light off, that light will continue to be turned off every time the page autoloads. This is a problem when you use another device or rule to change the state apart from the Raspberry Pi. The autoload page HTML should always load the main control interface link, which does not automatically set the state on reload.Hope this helps the next person!

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