• EricS326 commented on licheness's instructable LED Cork Light2 months ago
    LED Cork Light

    Thats an awesome idea... i wish I could just have thoughts like that. Maybe you csn make those special wine cork sets people buy and just use a smaller battery. It'd look cool at a bar with certain bottles corked with all different colors lol or if its dark... the bartender can have a color code to easily find it I'm aure it can be done with a photo resistor to turn on at the right time. If that's what you were shooting for, forgive me. I just noticed the project pocture and wanted to throw out an option for ya. Profitable? Who knows.... but if you know people that would likd them, you csn always count on them. Who knows tho theres probably a stupid patent out already. My father had an idea he didnt think was possible, and but showing him how proximity and PIR sensors and even microwave sensors along with an accelerometer/gyro module it would work. I worked at it for a while then found a website to lookup patent info and someone had every detail i had thought of. It was definitly a let down.

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