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  • DIY Fix Your Maytag Dishwasher on the Cheap

    So glad it worked! Great advice on being patient, if there is much dampness left over, the water could create a short and need to dry out a bit before it will work. I would certainly ensure it was dry prior to sealing to prevent trapping the dampness. My unit is still kicking it strong daily after the fix. It has been a year :)

    Fantastic! Glad to help. Rubbing alcohol is a great idea actually as it will help dry any remaining dampness from the cable before sealing it back up.

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  • DIY fix your Maytag dishwasher on the cheap

    It's been almost a year and I thought I would give an update. This dishwasher is still running like a top. Not a single other issue since the fix. Still looks stock and all buttons work full time. It has been run at least one cycle a day for almost a year since I did this.For those worried about the magic eraser, don't be. It will absolutely take off the clear coat the the rust with a little elbow grease. It also runs lower risk of over sanding material as opposed to high grain sandpaper.Anyways, good luck to all others, and feel free to follow up or ask any other questions.

    :P So glad my wife talked me in to posting everything to help others with this.

    Wonderful! Glad it worked!

    Super glad to have helped! I can't fix the kiddos however, but I have two boys being trained also to pick up their dishes 2 and 4 :P I can relate

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