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March 24, 2016
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  • Evilhate commented on azükiBEAN's instructable Living in your Truck7 months ago
    Living in your Truck

    This article is perfect.i just started living in my truck. Luckilyni have a full size supercab so until i can afford a topper this is good. I know im new at this livig but to save on food costs could always get a fishing license. Im a survivalist so i already had most of my own food catching items and a cpl holder for more food ideas. Fishing license is like 10-15 dollars and small game if done within season is either trapped or cost of a bullet/pellet. So fairly cheap. Also i used to work at a grocery store in produce and sometimes you can buy the produce at a greatly lowered price. 50/75% off depending on store and location. Another way for food is food banks. Sometimes you can get to 3 or 4 a week and have a lot of different food for free. Now i didnt choose this lifestyle it chose me but i have come to realize how much better life is without all the things we thought we needed to live. Now i do storage auctions so im traveling and when i go to flea markets instead of hotel i will soon be able to sleep in bed of truck. God bless texas and its warmth. Also a good way to make food is road side parks. They usually have bbq grills. Just get a few branchs and make a fire and you can have a hot meal of hotdogs.

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