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Oct. 4, 2016
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  • Evra commented on chooseausername's forum topic Don't keep rats as pet !2 weeks ago

    Sorry for a few typos - most notable - "cat" for "cage" - which really changes the meaning! :)

    I'm sorry - but I've had pet rats nearly my entire life (40 years) . Having had over 50 pet rats in my lifetime, I've never been bitten once. Even when I accidentlally dropped one then stepped on his tail - they are smart and sensitive, and he despite him squealing, as it obviously hurt, he knew it was an accident. Once, trying to give a new rat "icky"-tasting medicine, she nipped her displeasure - not even close to "a bite."And I've almost always obtained my ratties from animal shelter - where they sometimes came out of horrific scenarios and/or were not housed properly or treated by a vet at the shelters and so, had mites - which are easily treated before or after they get adopted.The first 3 disorders you lists are caused by humans neglecting their pets or just not knowing or bothering to learn how to care properly for them. An example is the painful bumblefoot (guinea pigs can get it, as well) - it is not a transmittable disease - it is ALWAYS caused by wire cage floors. I suggest you educate yourself about these lovely domesticated animals before "educating" others The Rat & Mouse Club of America has trustworthy veterinary and other care info. So does "THe Rat Lady" - Debbie Duccommun, author of several books on pet rats - including a medical guide.Cysts and tumors are not transferable to humans - a cyst, just like in a human, is most often caused by an irritant such as an ingrown hair and can easily be drained A tumor - again, as with humans - could be benign or it could be operable cancer or inoperable cancer. As with ANY pet, we must be prepared to afford veterinary care, should the need ariseIn my experience, pink-eyed whites (albinos) , as well as the fancier (ie dumbo; speciality colours; etc.) tend to be more susceptible to cancer. Do to inbreeding for speciality traits, this can lead to mallocluded teeth - an owner would have to be knowledgable and comfortable tooth-trimming) otherwise all rodents MUST HAVE hard things (such as "rat block") to gnaw, as their teeth grow continuously.I have found the black and white non-fancy hooded rats to, by far, have the least health problems. And, yes, like all veterinary treatments and surgeries, it is expensive - one vet referred to it being "micro-surgery" to justify his high pricing; but, if you can find a vet who loves pet rats and is experienced with them - (not all are!) - I've found, the charge is often less than with a vet who is nervous about is due to his/her dislike and/or inexperience with pet rats.Sometimes, the shelters can help with initial veterinary costs; sometimes the online pet rat community; some vets are open to negotiation.As with any species, connecting with other fans such as through a magazine like "It's A Rat's World" or Debbie Ducommun's Rat Assistance Teaching Society (R.AT.S) can make things easierI once encountered a distraught pet rat owner who I was put in touch with by chance encounter - her rats were gnawing their cats "desperately trying to get out" as she put it - but I discovered she had no rat-block nor other hard nuts or wood or anything for the rats to gnaw. If their teeth are allowed to keep growing, they die a horrendously slow, painful death ; she had also housed a young male and female together and "wondered why" they're were babies now ; I am a firm believer, not in getting mad but in helping people such as her be educated. When I read what was written erroneously here, I had to speak up. I hope you know understand - and will hopefully think about pet rats differently.This sight says to be nice, positive and constructive - telling people "Don't Have Rats As Pets! " with very misinformed reasons why is destructive. Going forward, I hope whoever wrote this and/or read and believed it will be positive and constructive and open their minds to pet rats: wonderful, affectionate, intelligent; super-distinct in their personalities (some are super-socal some more loner-types some jealous some not etc etc etc - just as with dogs not every rat s the right ft for you but as a social species they should never be kept alone.) They are a lot like us!All the best,Nef

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