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  • Exocetid commented on DjPR3S's instructable Easy $1 Car Seat Gap Filler3 weeks ago
  • Exocetid commented on Paige Russell's instructable 10 Unusual Uses for Lemons1 month ago
    10 Unusual Uses for Lemons

    I squeeze a lemon (and occasionally a lime too), add a bit of cold water and drink it every morning. Just a magical elixir for all the reasons you listed and more. Nobel Laureate Linus Pauling was a fanatic about Vitamin C. Lemons are extremely cheap, totally natural and their thick skins protect you somewhat <g> if you don't buy organic. After the squeeze the rinds go into the composter where they add fiber and acid...or you can use them in any of the ways described above. Just a magical fruit! Lastly, after you have weaned yourself off sugar (as I have) things that were not sweet before suddenly are--like unsweetened lemon juice!

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  • Exocetid commented on Plasmana's instructable The Plasma Speaker1 year ago
    The Plasma Speaker

    I just love this and Tesla would be soooooo pleased.Others may have mentioned this (the comments are many <sigh>), but this is also known as a 'singing arc'--how cool is that?William Du Bois Duddell was the Electrical Engineer that first conceived the idea in the early 1900's. He was quite ingenious and would have loved Instructables.

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