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  • F.O.E. commented on indigoed's instructable How To Feel Energy In Under A Minute!1 year ago
    How To Feel Energy In Under A Minute!

    Nit every form of energy has been discovered, we are far behind on science but we do know that the human body is surrounded by an Oval of energy, also the earth has energy, the magnetic poles on the earth tell birds where to tlock, tells some animals that an earthwuake is coming, and basically it keeps us all functionung correctly, thats why when there is an EMP or something that disrupts earths magnetic fid, birds fall from the sky, whales wash up on the beach, Life is energy. Written in ancient egyotian hyroglyph shows humans have capabulities beyond our beiefs, but now adays that belief is being suppressed, purposely? Maybe to controll us better idk but there is alot about the human body and energy thatbwe have yet to discover

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