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    Tubular Art

    Dear,My name is Fabiana and I workfor Editora Moderna in Brazil. Moderna is part of the Spanish groupSantillana. We publish textbook and booksfor all grades and our material are very recognize throughout Brazil, even inpublic and private schools. Right now our team is working in an booknamed Peace vol 3 by Eduardo Amós, and to enrich evenmore our material, we'd like to use the following text from the webiste: Tubular art - http://www.instructables.com/id/Tubular-Art/?ALLSTEPS We’d like to use this text in the printedand digital book. And the printrun will be 5.000copies. Attached is the text we’d liketo use. So, we’d like to know howshould we procedure to get the authorization to use it. Please, if you have anyquestion, do not hesitate in contact me. Best wishes, Fabiana

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