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  • FadiR1 commented on Tomcat94's instructable The Nova—A DIY Oculus Rift!3 months ago
    The Nova—A DIY Oculus Rift!

    Awesome project. Been a couple of years. You still using it or did you move onto a Rift or Vive since then? If you haven't and are still use it, did you figure out a way to get your dRift to work on SteamVR?

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  • FadiR1 commented on Zilver's instructable How to build a 24V Power Supply from 2 ATX PSU5 months ago
    How to build a 24V Power Supply from 2 ATX PSU

    I'm very interested in this design but there is one problem that I see with it: the parts of these psu were rated for a specific amount of Watts. By putting the second one in series, I'd be doubling the voltage and the overall wattage that's being loaded on it. These actually expensive psus I'm working with and I can't afford to blow one up. How does one go about verifying if the PSU can handle the doubled wattage?

    Yeas, but even though the amperage stays the same, the total wattage is doubled b/c voltage is doubled, if at some point down the line he halfes the voltage with a resistor, he'll have double the amperage.

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