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Matt214977 years ago
Why is your name father christmas??
Father Christmas (author)  Matt214977 years ago
Inside joke between some friends. Why do you have "1497" after "Matt"?
Oh i just was wondering and its because its my lucky number and the year of my birth and 14 is my lucky number because its the day of february I was born on. ( valentines day.
Father Christmas (author)  Matt214977 years ago
Cool. It is good to know that someone actually thinks about the numbers they put, instead of just random ones.
 the 4 in my name is how big my iq is
Father Christmas (author)  bobt46 years ago
lol OH NO! IQ of 4!?!
new record XD 
my new profile pic is so sweet
 that came out wrong-.-. i meant 4 times bigger then average  :D
yeah The people that just put 1234 after everything are just showing that they know how to count like us.
J@50n Matt214977 years ago
like me :) starburst552
Matt21497 J@50n7 years ago
wwhat does 552 mean?
J@50n Matt214977 years ago
Exactally, it means nothing LOL. Unlike yours which means to u!
Matt21497 J@50n7 years ago