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  • FelicianoTech commented on Gundanium's instructable Bionic Iron Man Glove2 weeks ago
    Bionic Iron Man Glove

    went on the link provided to find the SFEMP3Shield.h files and can't seem to find it is there anyone who can help me with this I've been trying to finish my repulser circuit problems for months now and think this may be the final missing piece. thanks for the help

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  • FelicianoTech commented on Silentfauxfox's instructable Taser Glove (Legit Version)5 months ago
    Taser Glove (Legit Version)

    I'm trying to get the same effect but a lot more compact and also attempting to maybe have a thinner glove. I know this is a stupid question but anyway that I can install something like this into a tight form fitting material such as the hand part of a body suit or a spandex like outfit?. Something thin but with the equivalent power to what you've built here

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  • FelicianoTech commented on Tetranitrate's instructable Tazer Glove5 months ago
    Tazer Glove

    Anyway to make this harm someone and leave them in a state of shock or out cold for about a couple of hours and if so is there a way to minimize the size of the circuit and housing

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  • Arduino : How To Control Servo Motor with Arduino

    Hi, I'm currently working on a project which requires me to control two servos via a push button. My goal is to create a circuit and program where the two servos move a set degrees after the buttons for each servo are pushed once, and when pushed a second time, rotate back to their original position. I'm very new to Arduino and was wondering if you could help me in my effort to complete this project thank you for your time and have a great day.

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  • FelicianoTech commented on BearGrills's instructable How To Create Your Signal Jammer11 months ago
    How To Create Your Signal Jammer

    So where exactly would one find the circuit in the first picture as well as any other components needed to creat such a device?

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