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  • Ferntoe commented on phrazelle's instructable Steampunk Raspberry Pi Laptop2 months ago
    Steampunk Raspberry Pi Laptop

    I love this! I'm a 70-ish old fart and typed on a beastly Olympia/Corona (complete with 2.5" high key stems). Miss a key and the finger gets caught in between the other keys. One needed a whole can of band aids because fingers weren't meant to be ripped out of bear teeth! I've seen typewriters evolve...we thought the correcting select was grand. I get a whiff of White out and am higher than a kite! Unfortunately, my escapades with the elderly Corona, have given me a 40 pound keystroke. Rattles the choppers off of these electronic pussycats. Still did at least 65 wpm (words per minute). Is this usable? It seems like it. Well done!

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  • Ferntoe commented on evanandkatelyn's instructable How to Patch Large Holes in Drywall2 months ago
    How to Patch Large Holes in Drywall

    I wish I found your directions 20 some years sooner! I was renting a house. Which had been raided... Do you know how big a hole you can make with a Glock? Having been a secretary for many years I used the "white out" method. Take left over powdered dust bits, mash them up, color to match current wall color and paste from the edge inward. Use heat gun until dry. Find large mirror and cover patch if more than 2/3 up wall. Low to the floor means use your imagination. Blood spatter? Bleach and hydrogen peroxide....and scrub like a maniac. Remove paint to base and again, match color of wall.... I don't know how well it will hold up or last, but I got my deposit back!

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  • Ferntoe commented on Meglymoo87's instructable Anti-Theft Your Sandwiches2 months ago
    Anti-Theft Your Sandwiches

    To steal is the deal. Don't worry about it getting thrown out...just be sure to have a few other personalized bags handy and make sure the office refrigerator police are through for the week. Otherwise, most people are scavenger hunters (it was just laying there)! Having worked ER, one of these scavengers plucked out a "free" sandwich...well laced with Maloxx. We figured out who it was real quick!

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  • Ferntoe commented on FernMakes's instructable DIY Light Bulb Bugs3 months ago
    DIY Light Bulb Bugs

    Thank you! I'm into jewelry, but you've broken this down to look entirely doable. This may solve my beads in tubes, but because the tubes are funky plastic, I throw away. I try to recycle and your instructions fit the bill! One may perhaps call them Blooming Lumen.

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  • Ferntoe commented on neta soreq's instructable Spring heel shoes - 3D print3 months ago
    Spring heel shoes - 3D print

    Beanie...I was just wondering if you were aware of "chinese foot binding" as I could not find a reference to the '72 article. I'm into PanAsian studies and love getting new references! The shoes are the most curious item I have seen. No doubt there will be a period of adjustment and back to the drawing board sessions, but just the design alone, wow! Best to you!

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  • Ferntoe commented on neta soreq's instructable Spring heel shoes - 3D print4 months ago
    Spring heel shoes - 3D print

    Flexibility is a must. And, you are leaving the dinosaurs of shoe making in the past. With wobbly ankle syndrome (wonkers), I can only look and smile. The beginning of shoes was meant to elevate the foot/feet above non-paved road (horse poo etc.) and the second reason? Keeps the woman in her "place", look at Chinese foot binding. How's the sweat factor? Could you find something that once formed would have that in place?

    I couldn't find the article in the ether; so, is this about footbinding? Take a look for that and how the foot was changed to fit the shoe. Eyow! The perfect bound foot was no bigger than a small teacup. This guaranteed the woman a prosperous marriage. Dig a bit deeper and learn how they bound, cut and crushed the foot. Revolting smell as well. Best to you,

    Creating one-off shoes would be smashing. From years of martial arts, dance and genetics, a one foot size does not work. I have odd-ball sneakers because one leg is a tad higher than the other leg. At my age, I can't afford a fractured hip. Or, ankle!

    Neta, this is fabulous! You nailed down all the anatomical parameters. I've worked 40 years as a med. transcriptionist, your approach and details are spot on! You have taken the time to address the person, their physiology and structure. I can no longer wear heels having broken both feet and have prosthetic knees, but these shoes are intriguing. Patent your design! Please! I would say you could go to a physical therapy group (the doctor) and I have no doubt you would have a whiz-bang collaboration. Best to you! Anne

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