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surfsand2 years ago
I know its way old but will you please make your video of your PVC airgun ball bearing clip public again? its currently set to private as are the rest of the videos on that tut. thanks
Flumpkins7 years ago
Hey? What happened? I used to see your comments on EVERYTHING. I haven't seen a comment of yours in over a year I think. Where you been?
bumpus7 years ago
Where have you been?
DJ Radio7 years ago
your new avatar+username reminds me of Harry potter when he was in Prisoner of Askaban (the movie)
bumpus7 years ago
Hey-OH! Looky who is back posting on the site! :D
Firebert010 (author)  bumpus7 years ago
Yuppers, I'm trying to get back into full swing. Good to be back, I missed this place.
This place missed you. :D
bumpus bumpus7 years ago
Hey-OH! New picture!
Firebert010 (author)  bumpus7 years ago
I think it portrays me better. People should know I'm more than a closeup of my face =P
Flumpkins7 years ago
I don't wanna sound pushy, but on one of my forums topics, you said you would take a picture of your coin collection... can you take one?
Firebert010 (author)  Flumpkins7 years ago
Oh I must have totally forgotten. I'll take a picture the next time I have access to it, probably by next week sometime. Thanks for the reminder!
Y'elcome! and Thanks!
KenGriffin8 years ago
Dude. Answer your PM's!!! We need to do a collaboration egg instructable before school sets in deeper and I have no time!
Firebert010 (author)  KenGriffin8 years ago
PM system is down.
Had no idea. sorry. Have AIM?