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  • FloorB commented on frenzy's instructable DIY Tattoos (Stick 'n' Poke)2 years ago
    DIY Tattoos (Stick 'n' Poke)

    for some regular tattoos you do by yourself you can use ink made out of ashes and water/alcohol, i assume you can use that for stick and poke tattoos too but i just wanted to be sure. can you use that kind of homemade ink?

    poke more holes closer to eachother when it has healed

    i have not tried it (i am going to though) but people i know who have tried it have told me it hurts a lot less then what you'd expect it to considering you're not supposed to push the needle far into the skin. also it depends on where on your body you are doing it. it hurts more then a regular tattoo but you get used to the pain after a couple minuttes. also it is permanent but it does fade quite a lot more then a regular tattoo.

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