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June 26, 2016
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  • FlyinngDolphin commented on djpolymath's instructable MDF Workbench3 weeks ago
    MDF Workbench

    I watched my father make a work bench like this when I was a kid. I have made several over the years. I prefer to spend the money for plywood to avoid the finishing, strength and moisture problems of MDF. I use Tempered Hardboard for a finished top or to renew the top when the original gets chewed up.3/4 inch ply with 2 X 6 under the table and 4 X 4s for the legs with 2 in the center. This supports my heavy lathe. Also good for hammering sheet metal on. Downsize the the plywood to 5/8 or even half inch for lightweight stuff like electronics workbench. I like your shelf design and think I will build some of those.

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  • How to Get Rid Of Mosquitoes with a Fan & Window Screen

    There is nothing complex in that simple box fan motor to be damaged by a modified square wave inverted. It is a relatively low wattage system. A salvaged auto radiator fan is a very high current draw motor and would quickly run down your battery.The cheap box fan is a very well designed energy efficient system for moving air. I do not think you could have developed a more energy efficient system.I may try a mini bug vac system for my home using a 6 inch computer fan. I would use a light to attract other bugs.You may want to research COW VAC, a system for removing flies from dairy cows.

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