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Foxtrot70 (author) 4 years ago
Hi All

I am a newbie to the Arduino world and I am attempting to program an ATTiny85 with Arduino-22. The program is fairly simple 2 LEDs flashing with a pushbutton switch to select different flash sequences. I have searched in various Instructables as well as the Arduino and YouTube sites. So far, I can not get anything to work. I have an Atmel328 chip setup as Arduino on breadboard and using USBtinyISP to load the chip. Basically two versions emerge First: use the Arduino as an ISP downloader by going to File>Examples>ArduinoISP and downloading ArduinoISP to the chip. Once completed the program you want to load to the ATTiny85 is then downloaded. Second: is to use the USBtinyISP and download directly to the ATTiny85. In both cases the red indicator of the USBtinyISP is not lite, indicating no data is being transferred. I am stuck at this point and can not find a solution or if I found the solution I am unable to recognize that I found it. Can someone please help me?


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