• FrancesM18 commented on jakeb191's instructable Mini Wood Lathe using scrap wood4 months ago
    Mini Wood Lathe using scrap wood

    I enjoyed this Instructable, in your next one numbering the pictures might help the flow.

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  • FrancesM18 commented on Mrballeng's instructable Tension Set Pearl Pendant4 months ago
    Tension Set Pearl Pendant

    I would imagine a good polish inside and out with Renaissance Wax would help delay any rusting that might occur, especially where the zinc and zinc alloy have been compromised when making the indentation. As the comprimised area is on the inside of the pendent the wax barrier would take longer to wear off.

    Beautiful piece of jewellery, I will make one for my daughter. I have read your instructions through several times and would ask for clarification at Step 2. You mark the 6mm point on the tube which will allow the pearl to putrude a little either side. You then scored that line with a pipecutter. I assume that the initial groove you then refer to is a second score line on the tube that you make at the 3 mm mid point and this is then expanded with the file. How wide do you expand this too? I assume this is a wide shallow indent that will cup the side of the pearl. Sorry if I'm being a bit dense, but I'd hate to make a mistake for the want of asking a question. Again beautiful piece of work. I sometimes wish that it was my husband who was the handy one so that he could make me pieces like this. If I want one I'll have to make it myself, not quite the same thing.

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