• Ultimate Night Vision Headlamp - 500+ lumens with only 8 watts

    OK, I'm confused. If the light is "waving all over the place", how is it blinding when the light isn't pointing directly at your eyes? Ever bought a car and for weeks after the sale it seems like dozens of other drivers bought the same car? That's what is going on in your case.Have you read any studies on the this? Is there actual data? Is data being supplied by "THEY" university? I'm not trying to be difficult but simply asking. There is a tendency for us to be knee jerk reactionary and call for banning or criminalize those things without ever asking "is it me?" first.I've had night vision problems myself. Back in the 80's the only vehicle I used was a motorcycle. Of the 3 accidents I've had in total, 2 were night vision related. My last crash happened in 1997. Long story short, a $10 yellow visor has kept me from any night vision wrecks and put a flip down filter in my cars. My last upgrade was putting a yellow decal on the top 3rd of my helmet visor only. This was done after putting a blue headlight on the bike and noticing some of the benefits using it went away with a filter. I just tilt my head if need be.

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