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DJ Radio3 years ago
Dude I think this name is even more immature than "Logic boy". At least you lived up to that name in a way.
Fred the Penguin (author)  DJ Radio3 years ago
true, but i didn't like the name much anyways =/ plus my "tehlogicboy" psn account is maxed out on basicly every game I have, so i made a new one and decided to change this accounts name with it.

plus I don't like being called "boy" now that I am 17
New Acc Name?
The Nomlack3 years ago
An Villain3 years ago
You changed your name, now the logic bow's name is; illogical.
Haha, I liked logic boy better. I changed my name too, my dorky old name had to go.
y u change names
i'm 17, logic boy sounded imature.
i guess so
(removed by author or community request)
yes, i'm 17 and logic boy sounded to immature, so I changed my name, my real middle name is Frederick and my profile picture is a penguin so yeah...
it just has to be a parody of mine :-(
Hey, just read your "about" area, and well, I am not from Australia or New Zealand, but I do have a PS3, so mybe I'll add you. My PSN is: Bluemonkey_

Thanks, and looking throgh your 'ibles, I think your gns are quite good! Hopefully you will carry on improving an posting some good stuff.

By the way, I have been nnactive for ages, so have no 'ibles yet, but when I do post they will either be knex guns, knex ball factorys, knex roller coasters or just knex invention I have made.

cool bizon sub4sub