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Thank you for following me! :)
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No thankyou Linda!

I tend to have not been doing much with instructables because I have a few years to spend all my time doing industrial design but I need to keep my eyes open for cosmetic designers and your portfolio is growing very well. Will you try for fashion or homewares design? I Have to try and calculate your age but I guess you are about 3 years into universiti. Is industrial or hardware so like facades or block color patterns or different for cars or sweeping shapes outside of what you are doing?

I'd like to invite you to follow my design house group I just started on Facebook to deal with the partnership I am developing with a guy in the US who has made a three wheel motorcycle system (www.tremoto.com) and the address of my facebook page to my design group is http://www.facebook.com/pages/Spekter-Designs/484399218276556?ref=hl if you would like to look at that page and follow it if you will. Its going to be about bikes and we will try to shoot as high as making a fusion vehicle of the car and the bike (would go very very well in Italy!) in various designs to make these vehicles.

For fusion vehicles I want the vehicle buyers to match the gender demographic, which is to long way of saying I want just as many female as male customers so I need a girls influence and feedback. If it works maybe we will have the opportunity to work together in a world wide company as it grows! :)

In the meantime to help your 3D designs and modelling I have a material suggestion I have found for you to work your art with.

http://www.plastimake.com/ This works really well and it you buy a cheaper soldering iron with cutting blade and say a cheap "dremel" type and some 600-1800 grit sandpaper there is nothing you cannot make.

One last thing I do it design paracord products so I usually just adapt another design with one of my girls who weaves but if you have markets or anything there you want to sel your stuff at and want to include some paracord products have a look at this page and like it if you want http://www.facebook.com/pages/Paracord-Australia/176913549011443?ref=hl I hope you enjoy some of these sights and keep making some really interesting arts and crafts!!


Thank you for your offer!
Right now I am trying to apply for the AiR but I will think about it, maybe we can collaborate someday :)