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  • 5 Ways to Start a Fire, Using Water

    and just where the F am I supposed to run out and buy elemental sodium?? Pour water on it and run? WTF. you should be careful giving people this type of advice.That was useless info. If I am in a position to have access to sodium, I could just go buy matches. You expect us to carry around a vial of Na while backpacking......just in case? LMAO. Silly

    this has gotten out of hand and completely stupid. People keep referencing these oxidizing agents being mixed with some organic component, like you can just run right out and buy this stuff instead of materials made to safely create fires. Sure, I could go get some bromates, chlorates, chlorites, dichloroisocyanuricacid salts, nitrates, nitrites, percarbonates, perchlorates, permanganates, peroxides, oxygen, or organic peroxides to mix with combustibles to create a fire or worse..........or I could just go to wal mart and buy a lighter. Telling people to start fires using sodium or some of these other materials is very irresponsible, impractible and downright dangerous

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