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  • !!GREAT COMPUTER PRANKS !! computer commands using notepad and command prompt

    The way it works, is that if you hit Enter, it will loop flashing colors withecho Ay, I'm just doing my %random%%random% job.

    I made one that...might kill a person called 'Ay, I'm just doing my %random% job.';@echo offtitle API Hackerecho API Hacker loaded.echo Hit 'ENTER' to open the program.pause:p: echo Ay, I'm just doing my %random%%random% job.color 01color 12color 13color 14color 23color 24color 32color 34color 42color 43color 41color 45color 51color 52color 53color 54color 02color 03color 04color 05title Ay, I'm just doing my %random%%random% job..goto pstart

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