Garth Knight

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TyMan2107 years ago
Can you make me a Vulcan robot?
fragg3r7 years ago
Damn you are good in your robot pictures. I like them all. If you do a wallpaper, please send us a copy for us. Thanks and keep drawing!...
Hey there Garth Knight!
I was looking at your awesome robot pictures here.

I am not the one to beg, but just asking, do you think you could make me one? :P

Great job on those images, you should really post an Instructable!

Garth Knight (author)  GorillazMiko8 years ago
Hey there GM, Thanks, I been off the air for a long while now, but I want to get back into the instructables stuff. What would you like your version of the robot to be doing? also - what is that picture you are using as your icon? too too strange/cool. KFC bucket on head?!?
Hey, you're still around! I've been wondering about you.
Garth Knight (author)  Weissensteinburg8 years ago
I've been busy, Got shanked and have been in solitary since the new year. Instructables is where I go to goof off -but I can't take my notebook in the "hole". -Got to go, the guards coming... GK
Garth Knight (author)  Garth Knight8 years ago
Kidding. really. ha ha ...ummm...
It's Buckethead--- an artist. Music artist. I kind of want the Robot to be like my image. But like, in the normal way.
what program did you use to be making those robots?
Garth Knight (author)  GorillazMiko8 years ago
Jasc Paint Shop Pro 9.
Not the newest of programs, but it's what I'm used to. It's really not that tough, I gave a quick overview of how I made the robot pictures here: Umm... LINK
Danny9 years ago
Hey I love your modded-robots was wondering if you could make me one, i want the robot playing a guitar

the guitar is called Razorback explosion and i want him to have long hair

please let me know if u would =D
Azn Hitman9 years ago
Hey i am Azn hitman and i was wondering if you have time will please make me a robot. the ones you have previously made are awesome and i wanted one to!! thanks :)
Garth Knight (author)  Azn Hitman9 years ago
AzN, I will be off the air for a week or two. it will be a while till i can mess around on a robot pic for you.
Thanks i really appericate it
sardines4549 years ago
i would just like to say that all the robots you've made are awesome and if you get time could you please make me one? i'm thinking robot fishing? if you could incorporate sardines into that would be great! if you don't have time i understand but all the other ones you made look so great!! thanks