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    Make a Kayak Paddle!

    Greetings-I was inspired by your site, as well as by others’ comments,to try building a minimal cost paddle. It is too late in the season for me totest the paddle, so I won’t have a verdict until 2017. Pics give you a general idea.Few things I did differently: TOOLS;Hand tools---screwdriver, tin snips, file, drill bits.Power tools---hand drill, jigsaw.STORE-BOUGHT MATERIALS, including tax:> 1- Plastic storage bin: $5.39 at Walmart> 1-10-ft length of 3/4” PVC: $1.93 at Lowe’s> Several 3/8” machine screws (not stainless steel): $2.59at Home Depot> 4-Sleeve screws, which join blades to shaft Sleevescrews: $3.48 from local hardwareTOTAL COST: $13.39NOTES ON THE PROJECT:Overall length is approx. 86” (218 cm), -I scavenged what I could, rather than purchasing everything(ie: wingnut).-I used screws rather than twine, as you did, MAINLY because I doubled theblades. (If I were to make another paddle, I would buy a $15 pop riveter andnylon or plastic rivets, rather than using screws.)-Finally, I cut the shaft in half. I used part of a mophandle to strengthen the paddle’s PVC shaft, AND to add a feathering adjustmentat the middle (wing nut). Feather adjustment is a feature I saw on a paddlesold in stores. This also makes it easier to transport in a car.I can update next year with result of paddle test. Thanks for your inspiration.Gary

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