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  • Honda Civic Micro Camper/utility Trailer

    I have A 06 Santa Fe that is getting A bit long in the tooth so I may have to convert it to A camper in A year or two. Good luck with yours and have fun!

    In the U.S. no one is allowed to ride in any type of moving trailer. If you need to haul human cargo in A camping type rig get A motorhome.

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  • GaryR5 commented on Tuomas Soikkeli's instructable Press / Brake and More..5 months ago
    Press / Brake and More..

    Appears to be an Evolution Rage saw. They use A carbide blade. You cannot use this type of blade on a standard abrasive saw.

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  • GaryR5 commented on amgworkshop's instructable Homemade Bar Clamp - Re-Bar Clamp6 months ago
    Homemade Bar Clamp - Re-Bar Clamp

    When I bought my place 5 years ago there was 12 to 15 rebar sticks in the pole barn. Now I know what to do with some of them!!

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  • GaryR5 commented on a-morpheus's instructable Undead Pan6 months ago
    Undead Pan

    Extremely rusty cast iron can be sandboxed to remove the rust and any burned on carbon on the outside of the cookware. I buy old cast iron cookware at auctions and referb it and sell it at flea markets. Look for Griswald and Wagner. Made in U.S.A. and the best names in cast iron cookware.I have my mother's 10" Griswald pan and A Wagner chicken fryer with lid that was given to her by her mother on her wedding day. Both were old then and upon her death I got them. I am 65 Y.O.

    That's sandblasted. I really hate autocorrect!

    I heard that story A little differently. A fellow was having trouble with A new neighbor that always showed up at dinner time. Tired of feeding the freeloader he served the next night's dinner on dirty plates. The old guy mentioned the plates didn't look too clean. "Well!" The fellow said " There as clean as Soap and three Waters can get em!" The old guy went back to eating with a grunt. When the dinner was over the fellow collected the plates and laid them on the floor. He opened the door and called Soap! Threewaters! dinner!!Presently, in ran 2 big dog's!!

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