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  • How to break it to your kids that Santa Claus isn't real

    That is surprisingly accurate and extremely true

    I am not saying he is fake, but I am saying he DOESN'T live in the north pole and DOESN'T go all over the world to deliver presents. Maybe he lives in Hawaii and he is a UPS deliverer and gives people presents for their kids over the year. All I know is, is that he probably doesn't exist. I am not trying to be negative, but, I MYSELF thinks he is fake and doesn't exist.

    Santa is FAKE, here is why: Santa Claus supposedly lives in the cold, north pole. COLD north pole, and he probably doesn't get coal by digging it up or just ordering some off of ebay. Santa goes around the whole world in one night, OH COME ON, he could probably only go from florida to connecticut in a night. Santa's elves make toys, where does he get the wood or technology to make video games or board games? I am pretty sure Santa Claus is fake, and I am pretty sure I have a point

    What if your own parents say it is your parents that give kids gifts?

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