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  • GayleneO1 commented on DIY Hacks and How Tos's instructable 31 Unusual Uses For Coconuts11 months ago
    31 Unusual Uses For Coconuts

    see my reply below to Dennis T33. You could pretty easily do this. Best of luck! Hope your injury heals quickly :)

    Excellent point! Bio char is easily made with many materials, but coconut husk is a perfect medium for this because of its porosity. Easily exported in bags, and readily usable on a small or large scale farming or gardening operation. Also easily turned into activated charcoal by adding the next step, then creating filters for areas suffering impure water sources. japneet singh, you might look into this. Small scale, heat over a fire in a large tin with a few holes poked into it. Look for the instructable on how to make your own charcoal, and you will have the beginnings of an easy to do business!

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