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49yr old fella who likes to have a go at fixing almost anything. I like to think it is my own personal way of helping to save the planet. If it doesn't work then DON'T Throw It Away. Have a go at fixing it. Most things are 'salvageable' in some way. So stop adding to the 'landfill' mountains when you replace things.
  • Gazza667 commented on secretshedfreak's instructable Reclaimed brick arched BBQ1 year ago
    Reclaimed brick arched BBQ

    I've gotta say that in not convinced of you saying you had no brick laying training. The way you dealt with the arch former and worked out the angles to cut each brick to leave an almost perfectly symmetrical finish once the key stone was in is as good as any pro brick layer I've seen. Well done on such a fantastic looking project. ?

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