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  • Gecko_Lord commented on Ace_of_Jokers99's instructable Funny Fake Virus Code1 month ago
    Funny Fake Virus Code

    Just a hint for next time: putting "del system32" actually deletes system32, since this is a direct pipe into windows command prompt. If you put "echo" first and then "del system32" then it would be marked as a text comment, not a real command. Otherwise, you are really deleting your files. Remember, do these things at your own risk.

    To be honest, all fake viruses are the same (usually) and so ridiculously simple it would be much easier to go and learn the code then make your own if you are so eager to get one, that way you can avoid any mistakes by deleting files and people here can avoid a bunch of others complaining because they messed around with things they didn't understand and screwed up their computers. If there should be instructables for these sorts of things, try to explain how it works to avoid the negative comments.

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