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KneXtreme4 years ago
Thanks for subbing.
GeekBeam (author)  KneXtreme4 years ago
anytime...you've got good 'ibles
Thank you.
thanks for the sub but why did you sub me?
GeekBeam (author)  k-n-e-x(leaved ibls)5 years ago
Becase I found your stuffto be interesting, let alone the fact that I look at the profiles of my subscribers every Once in a while
GeekBeam (author) 6 years ago
found the cord to my camera again, but now i need to find the camera....
GeekBeam (author) 6 years ago
(some random train of thought for you guys to get an insight into my mind) hmmmm, dang it, i forgot what i was gonna talk about, SHEEEOOOOTTT. oh well, oh yes, instructables, I'm the "experimenter" of the k'nex branch of instructables(looky here to find out what i'm talking about) i am the one who is trying to find the "final frontier" of k'nex, yes i'm aspiring to be among the ranks of known 'Iblers( kiteman, darthtrainman{for those who follow k'nex ball mahines}, hiyadudez, selezonia) and yes i like pie(and 3.14...) 
GeekBeam (author)  GeekBeam6 years ago
forgot about ewillhelm
GeekBeam (author)  GeekBeam6 years ago
uber lolz (or lawlz for you leet people) j00 R 4W50M3 9uY5, n3v3R 7H0U9H7 1'd 937 7H15 f4r
GeekBeam (author) 6 years ago
hey guys i published that instructable on that engine i made out of k'nex(obviously)
GeekBeam (author)  GeekBeam6 years ago
thumbs up for being able to read leet(tell me what it says, i'll give you a subscription)
bugolf6 years ago
So your into Knex. I made a feris wheel with them.
GeekBeam (author)  bugolf6 years ago
I made this steam locomotive
GeekBeam (author)  bugolf6 years ago
i just made a steam locomotive with them( posting once finished, but initial mechanism is done)
GeekBeam (author) 6 years ago
i anyone wishes to talk with me then do it here