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  • George BS1 commented on Ninzerbean's instructable No More Roaches1 year ago
    No More Roaches

    Hi Tijo, We had them in our electric range and the dishwasher. What happens in the dishwasher is they come up the drains, then they go to the electronic panel of the dishwasher, behind the push buttons. They love the warm electrical circutry. The german ones are tenacious. YOu have to put bait in dishwasher, they love the dampness inside. One thing I recomend is after you use dishwasher, keep door open to let dry inside with ac on or heat. They can live months without food, bud only a week without water. They love kitchens because of food crumbles, ware electronic wires and mosture of sink and dishwasher. Good luck it is war against them.

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