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  • GeorgeR71 commented on notsoso's instructable Honda Odyssey Rear Window Motor Repair2 years ago
    Honda Odyssey Rear Window Motor Repair

    mark the motor and the little case so they line up the right way when you put them back together. You don't have to take off the arm but you have to loosen it and slide it down a little so that you have the slack to take the motor with the worm screw out. when you are heating the connection don't heat it too much and hold the two metal parts together while you heat it. if you don't one part might fall off but don't worry you can put them back together, hold them in place and heat it up again. I fixed both of my motors but gave up putting the interior panels back and took my car to my local auto body shop to put back together. (My wife has given them lots of business.) I saved at least $150.

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