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  • GiuseppeD25 commented on boomer48's instructable Fun With PIC Assembly - Episode 13 months ago
    Fun With PIC Assembly - Episode 1

    ok I solved, Sorry for if I bothered!thanks for the reply.I use MPLAB 8.6 with MPASM 5:37UDATA 0x20: gives problems, replaced with cblock_FOSC_INTOSCIO: It gives problems, replaced with _INTOSCIOCODE: gives problems, replaced with ORG.Now all ok

    Thanks for this article.I would ask because if I try to compile the asm program with MPLAB me 'error at line 71, 72, 73SHIFTREGLCD.ASM 71: Overwriting previous address contents (0020) .... etc.BUILD FAILEDGiuseppe Di Perna

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