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  • Glitchperfect101 commented on MajorRockstar7's instructable How To Become A Superhero1 year ago
    How To Become A Superhero

    hey my name is quiver me and my friends we are superheroes me and my cousin I know this is gonna sound really weird are not really normal the thing is we have a latitude longitude of powers and we can't really control them they come and go as they please and i have magic that I'm still working on but the bright side I know mma and know how to knife throw and use a bow and arrow that was were the name quiver came from my cousin is dark arrow and my friend is arrow tip


    hey any "wackos" or "freaks" want to contact me about teaming up I have kik it's pretty_with_blue and pretty_with_skyblue

    let's team up

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