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  • GoonyLex commented on GoonyLex's instructable 108W LED Grow Light Panel7 months ago
    108W LED Grow Light Panel

    I'am not sure why a bunch of you are getting flashing LED's. I have so far build a bunch of these panels (most are retired now) and none had flashing led issues. I have not revisited this in a while but off the top of my head to me it seems you guys might have a component mismatch. The drivers are constant current so they are more stable than a simple linear supply. Because they are constant current they do need to have specifically 9-12 leds that are 3W. Here is what might be happening:1. You are not meeting the correct Voltage and Current draw requirement.2.This will cause drivers protection circuit to activate.3.The driver will turn off4.Moments later the driver will restart and try to power the LED's again.5.RepeatCheck your components

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