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    Clear Snow the Laziest Way Imaginable

    Many years back (1960s), I lived in Northern Illinois where we got frequent and plentiful snowfall. I would shovel out my driveway very early in the morning, then the city snow plows would block my driveway again when they plowed the street....with a lot more snow than I had blocking the driveway to begin with. One morning I was running late and didn't want to take the time to reshovel the driveway....so I decided to melt the snow with gasoline. I poked holes in the snow, poured in the gasoline, stood back a little and struck a match! I got considerably more than I bargained for, as the gasoline literally exploded, blowing snow and flaming liquid everywhere! I was lucky none of the flames struck me! The small fires died out quickly and my driveway was again passable, but I never tried that again!

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