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  • GordonW14 commented on antoniraj's instructable Biogas Plant Using Kitchen and Food Waste10 months ago
    Biogas Plant Using Kitchen and Food Waste

    Love your design, can you send me files for large and small.Thank youI'm looking at using one as a septic tank to create a small pilot light sized flame 24/7 to power a small sterling motor, what kind of volume do you think I'll need? As this will use substantially less gas than a burner I wanted your thoughts first before I pursue this idea.

    sorry nzmolds@gmail.com for the files please

    Thank you for the reply , I would not attempt this without the same level of safety measures that you find on a propane device, flow sensors , gas relay valves , temperature probes , thermo couple etc. It would be extremely dangerous to attempt without safety measures to automatically shut off gas flow when no flame is present.

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