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GorillazMiko (author) 8 years ago
Hey everybody!

Just GorillazMiko here, many of you may know me. I'm pretty popular around the site, I know my way around and everything.

I give out greetings to many members without greetings (of course, with permission). It's pretty awesome to be a member on Instructables.

I'm just posting this to tell you that if any of you have a problem or need help. I'll be here! Just send me a PM (private message) or ask me something in a comment, I'll get back to you right away!

This is my official endorsement that GorillazMiko is officially awesome. Official.
kcls ewilhelm6 years ago
VERY official looking!

Definitley Legit. I agree.


thanks, gorillaz :)

How's it going?
Kona-chan3 years ago
hi, you like the gorillaz to?
i love them!
i like noodle the most
who's your favorite?
adale1233 years ago
Hey peeps... PLEASE FOLLOW ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
adale1233 years ago
Dude...You are incredibe....Just cause you are!
harry883 years ago
Hi this is Harry I would like to say thank you solo much for the 3 months of pro membership that took me totally by surprise today when I was checking my email you are awesome.

Thanks a bunch
Thank you so much for the pro membership gift! :)
Omg Your neighbor is definitely NOT human! Grab your garlic sauce and run for the hills! That creepy crawler next door wants to take you on a permanent vampire vacation! It's true that you're safe inside your house as long as you don't invite them in, but you have to go outside sometime! And what about your parents?!? They'll never believe you! And they'll open the door to anybody! (he's a vampire!!!!)
gorillazmiko+ themes=OMG AWSOME!
kcls6 years ago
Hey... where have you been? I haven't seen you around lately... have you been sick? For a really long time? Or maybe your in a coma! Wake up GorrilazMiko!
dombeef kcls5 years ago
If we all say wake up he might!

Wake up!
mikeyx6 years ago
hahaha you avatar so cool