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Krugersdorp, South Africa
Jan. 6, 2016
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  • Learn To Do Aluminum Sand Casting

    What an interesting video! It took me right back to the 80's when I first learnt sand mould casting.I like the idea of making a pouring spout separately although we just made a shallow hollow right next to the pouring spout and linking it to with a short channel, almost like you made on the flask bottom, next to the pattern.I also watched your video on the green sand and there I just have a question or two. In my days we got our sand from a supplier and if it were to dry we added in raw linseed oil. The reason for this is that the oil has a much higher boiling point and thus the vaporization point is higher too. You don't want vaporization because that can cause a small explosion inside you mould, especially when casting a higher volume of metal. On average we would hand cast a volume of about 1-1,5 gallon of metal.Our casting temperature was about 1100°F if my conversion from Celsius is correct. We had a lot of burnt sand which we had to discard afterwards.Nonetheless, a very interesting video and I think I should just get my hands dirty with some casting!Graeme PiersonSouth Africa

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