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  • GraysonH1 commented on Da3da1u5's instructable Laser Cut Cryptex - Puzzle Box2 years ago
    Laser Cut Cryptex - Puzzle Box

    What would you recommend I adhere the parts together if I am using acrylic that is not clear?

    Thanks thats what ive been testing because I realise I scaled it up for 4mm acrylic, even though I have 3mm acrylic -_- so I'll have to cut everything again at school tomorrow. but on a high note I found that using acrylic gives a very tactile feel with the spring mechanisim but Ive been experimenting and I found that I need 110% concentration not to put too much glue and to make sure that I put the correct pieces in the right places. I also found that literally dropping a piece from around hip height will loosen and break the bond if you make a mistake.

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