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  • GregH104 commented on Junktostuff's instructable 12v Car Wheel Forge21 days ago
  • How to Build a 12x20 Cabin on a Budget

    CoolBean, are you interested in adding a biogas tank for your outhouse that would generate methane to run an on-demand water heater for your shower and sink? I have been looking into doing this and it is very interesting to me, but I would love to see someone like yourself do it and make an instructable out of it. It would help further interest in this economically and ecologically valuable technology. I have learned what I have from the solar CITIES folks. Thanks Greg Hall

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  • GregH104 commented on aglepetsos01's instructable Homemade Pontoon Boat4 weeks ago
    Homemade Pontoon Boat

    Hey, this looks like a lot of fun. If I was still 12 I would love it. To help your boat be a little more seaworthy, if you took those metal straps straight down and fastened them to the side of the 2x4 with two screws it would be much sturdier. Here's why ... when you bend that metal strap like you did you create a breaking point and all the stress is put on that breaking point. Your metal strap will break a lot easier than if you took it down straight. Also you can use two or three screws on the 4 inch side of the board. Ahoy mates!

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  • GregH104 commented on darbinorvar's instructable DIY Japanese Toolbox2 months ago
    DIY Japanese Toolbox

    Thanks for the video, I enjoyed it. One thing that might be fun for you in the future is to include the braiding of rope into your projects. It is quite simple and could have been used in place of tying knots under the lid. Basically you take two pieces of three strand rope and go over and under three times. A braid is almost as strong as the rope itself.

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  • GregH104 commented on The Unknown Chef's instructable Upcycle a Hard Drive Into a Clock2 months ago
    Upcycle a Hard Drive Into a Clock

    Great job, I like the instructable. By the way, my first computer only had a 5 1/4 inch floppy disk, no hard drive! I have an idea. These disk drives spin at a fixed rate. Someone REALLY smart could make a clock out of the disk drive! A little power supply, some gears, and some clock hands. Now that would be COOL!

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  • DIY Bent Plywood Long Reach C-Clamps Without Bending Plywood! (Broken Sofa to Clamp!)

    I Love it! Loved your home made wood tap video too (except for the music). I think I would have threaded rather than drilled the handle though, it seems like that might have been more sturdy.

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  • GregH104 commented on sixsmith's instructable Dirt Cheap Charcoal1 year ago
    Dirt Cheap Charcoal

    In rural west africa they make charcoal by throwing brown grass on a pile of wood, lighting it, and throwing green grass on top of it to put out the flame.I suspect this is the way it is done in much of the third world

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