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    How To Rewind an Alternator

    What is the current output after rewinding? How much does the voltage or current drop under load? I'm assuming the 35A alternator running at 1/4 the top speed will still only put out 1/4 the current, so roughly 8.5A. Is this correct? However, then it has to be energized at 2.5amps. I guess rewinding allows you to run it slower and get the correct voltage eliminating the need of a voltage regulator and losses, but I can't understand why a gear ratio/ pulley wouldn't accomplish the same thing. If car alternators worked so well, why wouldn't the airx wind turbines etc... use them. I'm not doubting the experiment just wondering if there are better ways to increase output without changing the number of windings and what is it that makes the AirX, $900 wind turbines etc... so much more efficient than an inexpensive car alternator?

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