• Batteries + Jumpercables = DC Welder

    On the inductor (Arc stabilizer), could you wrap your coils around a round plastic rod storage box filled with welding rods as the iron core? Since you've got to have rods with you anyway this seems like it would accomplish both. Also, it seems like the 10 gauge wire you're using in the inductor is a "resistor" in the system... aren't the full amps of the circuit flowing through the inductor wraps? Does this smaller inductor wire get hot?

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  • GregoryS57 commented on ZacWolf's instructable Portable Welder3 weeks ago
    Portable Welder

    or further, eliminate both transformers and use a 24 volt contactor & 24 volt relay? Is the trigger switch only rated for 12 volts?

    Hi, Nice set up. Studying the schematic, I'm curious if you could reduce the overall cost of this by using a golf cart solenoid, like this: http://www.ebay.com/itm/SOLENOID-RELAY-BATTERY-ISO...in lieu of the specified contactor? Also, is it possible to eliminate the step up transformer altogether by feeding the motor relay from the primary side of the step down transformer, and use the stepped down 12 volts to the trigger only to actuate the relay & solenoid (your contactor)?

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