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June 29, 2016
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  • Gregory_Redlon commented on Sardau's instructable Build a 30$ laser Scanner3 months ago
    Build a 30$ laser Scanner

    is there a way to make the degrees that the stepper motor changes to a smaller quantity to make a slower but more "full" scan so it wont have the large gaps and odd dips and dives? also i was wondering what settings you used with the kitty print because i can get nothin near as nice as that scan with the settings i am using.

    Thank you that is exactly what i needed, made it come out a lot better, also i found how to make it more detailed, the whole percent setting in the scan command. One more question if that is OK... After i scanned a basic zippo lighter. the top was kind of wonky and the whole thing looked as if it had been stretched out like a piece of putty where everything kind of sucks in and gets taller. Are there any tips on this, i could probably just manually change it in tinker cad if not, but if there was a way to automatically stop this from happening that would be great. Best regards, Gregory Redlon

    Hello, So what you said earlier worked very well,thank you for that. sadly, I have a few more purtinate questions. One being, is there a good way to get rid of the knife edges, i have only tried using the two filters because of how long it takes to make a quality scan each time and then having to make a new one if you don't like that one. Also, going with the previous question, is there a way to apply the "filters" for lack of better grammar, to the object without having to scan the whole thing over again? this would make things go a lot faster. And lastly, the scanner image that is made resembles the scanned object mostly, witch is great, but there is one thing that i doesn't exactly make sense, witch is when i scan my object the thing that comes out on my computer is kind of stretched, similar to the way putty would in the sense that the outside compresses a little and the height (the measurement going up if i have my grammar mixed up) becomes extended. the preview of the camera shows that it is not due to my camera, my only thought is something is wrong in the build dimensions some how even though every thing else still works fine as is. Best regards, Gregory RedlonScanned object is a girl wearing a large dress with her hands folded in her lap and she is wearing a hat. In the pic she is looking left FYI. also i am not sure how to remove the fuzz in front of, and behind of her, when i make it into a mash it makes these jagad, sharp spikes.

    Hello, fist of all i want to say that i love the product, it took me about 6 days to make because of all the shipping and making parts. Everything about it is awesome to me being a 15 year old learner. This project has helped me boost my ability's to the next level of fabrication and engineering. But here comes the annoying part, i need a bit of help... I have scrolled through almost all of the comments and haven't found a definitive answer to my question; which is, all of my lasers during the calibration process are generally doing fine accept laser 1... This laser during the correction matrix falls to the bottom left of the screen and when i scan with only that one it makes a fairly large and flatter version of what i was trying to scan. I have triple checked the angle of the laser in physical calibration and have made sure that the laser is aligned to the center. Any ideas would be a great help. Thanks, Gregory RedlonMatrix laser 1 laser 0

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