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  • GreyBeard1953 commented on amalkhan's instructable How to Make Toothpaste1 year ago
    How to Make Toothpaste

    Unless, of course, if you consume a toothpaste tube worth. THAT will make a large adult very sick; and it will kill a small child. Might be why all toothpaste tubes and boxes tell you not to swallow it; and there is a contact number for the CDC's National Poison Control Center on them both.

    In regards as to your next to last paragraph about fluoride in ground water: Those folks that lived where the ground water had that 'naturally occurring fluoridation' also had a slightly lowered average IQ than the peoples in neighbouring communities. There were several theories about why this was so, but nothing was proven as a definite causation though; at least not in something easily found in public medical journals of the time.And, no... I'm not one of those 'conspiracy theorists' one hears so much about.

    The act of 'brushing' one's teeth is not primarily to do much with any specific tooth, but is to mainly remove small food particles from between your teeth, or to massage the food out from between ones teeth and gums. The main thing that happens is that one's gums get a vigorous massaging, which helps tremendously in keeping your teeth anchored into place inside one's mouth. Brushing one's teeth is NOT a modern, or even relatively modern habit one can do for general health purposes. It was documented as being done back in Ancient Greece and Egypt; So it is a practice that is several 1000's of years in practice.Of course, back then they didn't use something with nylon bristles shoved into one side of one end of a plastic or fiberglass stick; but their's did the same job.So... Smile!

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