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April 16, 2008
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  • Groaker commented on Alex in NZ's instructable Electronics Components Storage4 weeks ago
    Electronics Components Storage

    Very nice. Electrical components are truly a problem to store in any reasonable manner for amateurs. Often too many to mix together even in the smallest drawer, and not enough for separate drawers. Your design goes a long way towards solving this problem.The only thing I would point out is the finishing sequence. You mention that finishing before assembly is unusual. But many professional cabinet makers will not only finish before assembly, but even before the joints are cut. This serves two purposes. It simplifies finishing, especially in corners. It also serves to more easily remove glue squeeze out, as many glues do not adhere well to a finished surface.This is just an FYI, in no way a comment on the construction of your very practical and well thought out storage unit.

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  • Babka Pizza: Swirled layers of pizza bread and cheese...

    A lower cooking temperature for a longer period of time would allow you to cook it all the way through. A cooking thermometer that you can insert to check for doneness would be very useful. Bread is usally done at around 200F, but that is to some degree personal taste. You probably want to finish at a higher temperature to caramelize (Maillard reaction) the surface for taste and appearance. I would start with cooking directions similar to the above, and optimize until you have exactly what you want. While formal dishes in both China and Italy certainly provide great gastronomy, I really like the Improvisata schools of both cultures. The cooking is fun, economical, and makes for great dishes. Sometimes the pleasure is creating an interesting dish when the pantry is low, and you don't feel like going out to the grocery store/\.

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  • Make Your Prints Stick to Your Build Surface!

    I bought a printer with a heated bed and a PEI surface. At first the PEI was great. Over time the PEI developed pockmarks, which became craters. The PEI appeared to crystallize at the edges, and the craters became much larger. I eventually had to remove it.Different people have different experiences. Some because of bias, others because of defects. For all I know my experience was a one off.Best wishes for those who try this.

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